City Council News and Updates

The Beaverton Civic Tapestry

Once or twice a year each City Councilor has the opportunity to include a personal article in the city's Your City newsletter. Here's what I wrote for the Jan/Feb issue:

What a busy place Beaverton is these days! Since the Community Vision was gathered and organized, there have been many projects initiated - by the city, by partner agencies and community organizations, and by volunteers from our own very active community. All of these, whether professional or amateur, commercial or community, are advancing Beaverton’s character and capacity along the path set by your vision and your ideas.

I’m excited by some of 2013’s notable projects and programs, across the spectrum, such as the recent Neighborhood Cleanup Day led by a large, high-energy group of energetic volunteers; the sophisticated B-SOBR DUII recurrence prevention program run by our Municipal Court, Police, and City Attorney’s office; and the redevelopment of the south plaza at The Round, with its fabulous new sculpture. This is just a sampling of the many things done in 2013 by our city staff, partners, and the many enthusiastic volunteers that make Beaverton such a positive place to live and work.

And what’s next for 2014 and beyond? Again, just a sampling: We’ll move half of city hall over to the building we purchased at The Round, leasing space to private business tenants, the Washington County Visitors Association, and our congressional representative’s Oregon office. We’ll expand the Murray Hill branch of the Beaverton Library, adding space for dedicated children’s programs. We’ll share ideas and work to earn your support for turning the current City Hall building into a fully functional Public safety building for the police, court, and emergency services. We’ll make progress on making Canyon Road and Broadway Street more pedestrian-friendly and attractive. We’ll keep working to turn our downtown creeks into showpieces - environmentally robust open spaces where people will want to linger and enjoy the scenery. We’ll see continued private investment in innovative, community-oriented development in places such as Timberland, Sunset Station, Murray Village, Progress Ridge, The Round, downtown, and more. We’ll see work begin on the Barcelona project at 2nd and Lombard, including affordable housing, market-rate housing, and commercial space. We’ll call increased attention to the wonderful fabric of arts creation and performance which offers so much pleasure and new experience in our city, sometimes not well enough known but deserving of our attention.

I’m excited about 2014 and our prospects for more great work. What are your thoughts as you see the activity all across the city? Drop a note at and let me know.

"Marc San Soucie put a lot of personal time and energy into the early stages of the Community Vision project to make sure we learned what Beaverton residents want for our city. He has since worked hard to make sure the vision is actually brought to life. His contributions from the Council bench have been invaluable to the Vision’s success. Marc is truly passionate about the good of our city from a citizen standpoint, and I encourage you to help re-elect him to the City Council."

Jaann Koeber Hoisington, Beaverton Visioning Advisory Committee

"While serving on the Beaverton Planning Commission for 19 years, I had the opportunity to work with numerous fine people, including Marc San Soucie. In Marc you have an educated individual who gathers a wide range of information, listens to all sides of issues in detail, and communicates decisions in a responsible manner. He loves this city as much as anyone can, and his only agenda is what works best for Beaverton and its citizens. Re-elect this excellent representative and leader to the Beaverton City Council."

Dan Maks, 19-year Beaverton Planning Commissioner